Hasidim, Songs. Omar Hashem L'Yaakov. Ben Zion Shenker. Modzitzer Hasidim.

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Studio rehearsal recording of 'Omar Hashem L'Yaakov', sung by Ben Zion Shenker, accompanied by piano and chorus.  Recorded by Benedict Stambler in 1956.

This song, Omar Hashem L'Yaakov, was composed in the 1930s by the Modzitzer Rebbe, R' Saul Yedidyah Taub (1882-1947).  The musical notation of the music of the Modzitzer rebbes was written down in Vilna at the request of the Modzitzer Rebbe, who had fled to Vilna at he outbreak of the war, by the well known Jewish choral conductor Duramashkin.

After the arrival of the Modzitzer Rebbe in New York in 1940,  Ben Zion Shenker became the interpreter of the Modzitzer nigunim and eventually also its postwar composer.