Bund, Jewish Labor. Songs. Mir Kumen On (We're On the Way!)

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Mir Kumen On (We're on the way). (Nokhem Yud-Yankl Troupianski). Children’s chorus directed by Yankl Troupianski.

From the soundtrack of the film Mir Kkumen On, shot in 1935 in Poland at the site of the Medem Sanatorium of the Jewish Labor Bund.

The U.S. title of the film Mir Kumen On is Children Must Laugh. The film reflects daily life in the sanatorium. Produced by Director Aleksander Ford, with the help of Wanda Wasilewska and Jakob Pat.

The Medem Sanatorium was organized by the Bund (Jewish Labor Bund) as a facility for children and young adults who because of their poor health were at risk of contracting tuberculosis. Located in Międzeszyn, near Warsaw,  the sanatorium was open from 1926 until 1942 and was named after Vladimir Medem (1879-1923), an early leader of the Bund. The Medem Sanatorium was known for its modern pedagogical and medical methods.

In 1939, after the Nazi occupation of Poland, the Medem Sanatorium was pillaged. The sanatorium was reorganized and continued to exist in reduced circumstances until 1942 when the children and part of the staff of the Medem Sanatorium were deported to Treblinka.