Popular Yiddish Songs. Knobl Soup (Garlic Soup) by Mordechai Gebirtig

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Knobl Soup (Garlic Soup) by Mordechai Gebirtig.

Sung by Diana Blumenfeld with piano

Spiro S-1502 mx. DB-3 New York n/d

A mother sings this humorous song about how she has cooked a perfect good garlic soup which no one wants to eat! Each one of her children has dreamed up some delicacy only available in the homes of the affluent, not in this humble home where not a penny can be found! The singer lists the names of each of her children and what dish each one has requested -- compared with the garlic soup which is ready and waiting to be eaten -- and finally admits at the end of the song, that even her husband does not like "Knobl Zup" (garlic soup)!