Folksongs. Unter Dem Kinds Vigele (Under the Child's Cradle)

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Under the Child's Rocking Cradle. A Yiddish folksong in the style of a lullaby sung by Jan Bart with William Gunther and his orchestra.

From Request lp RLP 8038, Best Loved Jewish Songs, NY n/d

The Yiddish lyrics, in translation, are:

Under this child's cradle

Stands  a  white goat

The goat went away

To bring back raisins and almonds

Raisins and almonds are very sweet

My child  will be healthy and fresh

Good health is the most important thing

My child will learn Torah

Torah will he learn

Holy books will he write

A good  child and pious one

Will my child remain

For a slightly different version of this song, go to Browse Collections, select YIVO Ethnographic Commitee Records, and click on Digital Gallery. Select 'Folk Song.'  This second version of the lullaby was collected by YIVO in Poland before World War II.  YIVO sent ethnographers to different localities. Local informants provided the lyrics and sometimes music of the songs they had heard as children or the songs they still sung at that time.