Operettas. Drej Dich Mihlchele from Bar Kochba

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Drej Dich Mihlchele from the Yiddish operetta Bar Kochba by Abraham Goldfaden.

Sung by Elizabeth Tuchman with orchestra.

Columbia E3721 mx.58304-1 NY May 1917

This recording has been added to this website as a companion to the music manuscript of the Violin Part of  the operetta Bar Kohba by Abraham Goldfaden,  performed in Brody (1907) and Oswiecim (1901) and other Polish cities. That musical piece is housed in Folder 331 of the Collection of Music (Vilna Archives), Record Group 7.

To locate this music manuscript, go to Browse Collections at the top menu bar,  Alphabetical List of Collections, Click on 'Music (Vilna Archives)'  and click on View Digital Gallery.