Hasidim, Songs. "Koh Ribbon Olam," composed by Yankel Talmud. Gerer Hasidim

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Koh Ribbon Olam [Master of the Universe],  Song for the Shabbat table, written in aramaic.

From the recording Songs of the Gerer Chasidim.

Composed by Yankel Talmud.

Menorah lp MEN 214

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This song is one of the 'zemirot' [special songs sung at the Shabbat table]. The lyrics, written in rhymes, and with a repeating refrain, refer to G'd as the 'King of Kings.'

Yankel Talmud was the composer of the Gerer Hasidim. He lived in Poland before the war and directed the Gerer choir in Gora Kalwaria.  In 1933, Reb Yankel Talmud moved to Israel where he continued to compose 'nigunim' [melodies] and hasidic music for the Gerer Rebbe in Israel.  He died in 1963.