Folksongs. Yomme, Yomme, Shpil Mir a Lidele, Vos dos Meydele Vil! [Play me a Song, What does the Girl Desire?]

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Recording by Martha Schlamme with Tanya Gould, piano.

Yomme Yomme (arranged Andre Asriel)

From Tikva lp T-7, Jewish Popular Folk Songs, NY, 1950


A folksong in several stanzas about a mother who cannot figure out what her daughter desires. Over and over she asks Yomme: What does the girl desire?  Yomme guesses that the girl would like a new dress. But she answers: No! That is not what I wish for!  You don't understand me!  Then Yomme guesses that perhaps the girl would like a pair of new shoes. But the young girl, disappointed, answers: No mother, you do not understand me. That is not what I wish for! Finally, after guessing wrongly that the young girl would like a pair of earrings, Yomme hits on the answer.  'The girl wants to get married! You need to go to the matchmaker!   Delighted that her wishes are at long last understood, the young girl  sings happily: Yes, mother dear, Yes!  You finally understand me! You understand what I wish for!