Kiejdany. Book of  "badkhones" (wedding rhymes) by David Lindy. Undated.

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Kiejdany. Book of  "badkhones" (wedding rhymes) by David Lindy. Undated.
Kiejdany. Book of badkhones (wedding rhymes) by David Lindy, a badkhn (wedding entertainer), (excerpt). Undated. The rhymes in this handwritten manuscript were written to be delivered at the wedding on Saturday night, and the continuation of the wedding party on Sunday morning. The names of the couple and their families, missing in the book,  would be added at the ceremony. The Saturday night verses were based mostly on the "zemirot" (religious songs)  sung at the post-Sabbath meal, while the Sunday morning verses were based on Biblical verses known to all. The badkhan also used Talmudic and Midrashic sayings, and presented all this material in such an ingenious manner, as to bring  joy and delight to all his listeners.

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