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RG 13: Ostrowo Jewish Community Council. Records.
Synagogue seat contracts, brit (circumcision) and marriage registers, school and vocational apprenticeship records, and other documents
RG 27: Guttmacher, Eliyahu (1796-1874). Papers.
Several thousand 19th-century kvitlekh (written requests to a rabbi asking for a blessing or advice) sent to Rabbi Eliayahu Guttmacher, known as the Tsadik of Graetz
RG 28P: Poland (Vilna Archives) Collection. Posters.
Posters advertising political organizations, elections, banks, trade unions, cultural activities, religious matters, and sports, from over 200 Jewish communities
RG 116 POLAND 1: Territorial Collection. Poland 1. (Pre WWII)
Printed materials, posters, correspondence, and fragmentary personal papers and records of institutions related to Polish Jewish life before WWII
"Poland be warned" (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.1)
"Tempting them with slogans" (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.2)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.11.2.1a)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.3)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.3a)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.4)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.5)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.6)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.7)

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