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RG 4: Autobiographies of Jewish Youth in Poland. Collection.
Autobiographies submitted to YIVO in Vilna as entries to three contests (1932, 1934, 1939) sponsored by the institute's Youth Research Division (Yugntforshung)
RG 28P: Poland (Vilna Archives) Collection. Posters.
Posters advertising political organizations, elections, banks, trade unions, cultural activities, religious matters, and sports, from over 200 Jewish communities
RG 101: Art and Artifacts. Collection.
Original art works, reproductions, and historical artifacts, including costume and stage designs; political cartoons; and Jewish ceremonial art
RG 120: Territorial Photographic Collection. Poland.
Thousands of photographs of Jewish life in Poland before WWII
RG 128: Rabbinical and Historical Manuscripts. Collection.
Correspondence of rabbinical (including Hasidic) and scholarly figures; rabbinical responsa; commentaries on the Torah and Talmud; prayers; kabbalistic and ethical works; and other writings of rabbis and scholars in Poland and around the world
RG 1160: Reiss, Lionel S.  (1894-1987). Papers.
Drawings, sketches, charcoals, and watercolors depicting scenes of Jewish life in Eastern Europe
Curb Gossips, 1921 (ya-rg1160-012)
Hasidic Boy, undated (ya-rg1160-053)
Jew from Chelm, 1922 (ya-rg1160-048)
Lublin Glasier, 1921 (ya-rg1160-040)
Market Types, 1921 (ya-rg1160-034)
Mourners, 1921 (ya-rg1160-028)
Music-Warsaw, 1921 (ya-rg1160-101)
Patches, undated (ya-rg1160-010)
Reb Motelle, 1921 (ya-rg1160-022)
Resting Jew, 1921 (ya-rg1160-003)
Street Fiddler, 1922 (ya-rg1160-061)
Vegetables, undated (ya-rg1160-009)
Wood Turner, undated (ya-rg1160-082)
RG 1270: Kacyzne, Alter (1885-1941). Papers.
Photographs of Jewish life in Poland in the 1920s-1930s
RG 1343: Kipnis, Menachem
125 photographs of Jewish life in Poland during the 1930s taken in some 30 communities. Subjects include: occupations such as coach drivers, street peddlers and street musicians, and scenes of life in the streets of Poland's cities and towns.
RG 1853: Evgenii Lendon Collection of Photographs of Lvov.
Photographs of the city of Lwow
Street in the old Jewish neighborhood (301351_ya-rg1853-box1-017)

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