A Trip to Poland and Palestine

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A Trip to Poland and Palestine

Amateur film of Paris, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Boryslaw, and Palestine by Joseph Waldman.

American Jews visiting family and friends in a shtetl: Street scenes in Warsaw. Park, passersby, Tlomackie Synagogue. Boryslaw: Countryside shot from a train. Street scenes. Stores, homes, family and friends. Horse-drawn carriage and automobiles. Oil wells.  Vista of the town. Children dancing in a school or orphanage.

On board ship to Palestine. Tel Aviv: street scenes. Beach. Trip to Jerusalem under military convoy. Jerusalem as seen from Hebrew University.

On the way to Europe and Palestine: On board ship, SS Batory. Arrival in Copenhagen. Switzerland and France, including Paris and Eiffel Tower. New York skyline from ship.

Note: film transferred with reels out of order.

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