"Manifesto of the Jewish National Fund to the Jewish people"

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"Manifesto of the Jewish National Fund to the Jewish people"
"Manifesto of the Jewish National Fund to the Jewish people." The Keren Kayemet (Jewish National Fund) calls on world Jewry to take advantage of the political situation in 1919, when the self-determination of minority groups is being discussed at the Paris Peace Conference, and the idea of the Jews' return to their homeland has achieved wide-spread recognition. The Keren Kayemet was founded for the purpose of purchasing all the available land in Palestine on behalf of the Jewish people. It wants to create a class of Jewish farmers to work the soil of the Land of Israel with their own hands. Jews settled on Keren Kayemet land will be given rights of tenancy which could be passed on to their descendants. Having the land in the hands of the public will prevent wealthy land speculators from shutting out the poor from benefiting from the land. Cooperative settlements will be built when called for, but a wide scope will remain for individual initiatives. Even though contributions have recently gone up, hundreds of millions are now needed to carry out the JNF's land-purchasing program in order to give people deprived of their land a new "land of life."

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