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   Warsaw.  A debate in the form of a mock trial: "The Fallen Woman on Trial."
   Warsaw. "All Religious Jews Are Voting For Number 19."
   Warsaw. A [soccer] match between Gwiazda and Sarmata for the championship of League A.
   Warsaw. A boxing competition with 8 matches  between  Makabi and  Polonia.
   Warsaw. A decisive match for the Dr. Graber's Trophy, between the Makabi and Gwiazda teams, 10/17/1938.
   Warsaw. A lecture on: "The Longing for Heroism and the Dictatorship of Love."
   Warsaw. A lecture on: "The Meaning of the Jewish Holidays."
   Warsaw. A lecture: "The Humor of the Jewish Tragedy and the Tragedy of Jewish Humor."
   Warsaw. A lecture: "Where Can Jews Emigrate?"
   Warsaw. A public literary debate, on the anniversary of Y. L. Peretz's 12th yortsayt.
   Warsaw. A soccer match between Makabi and Zar teams.
   Warsaw. A soccer match between the  Gwiazda and P.W.A.T.T. teams.
   Warsaw. A two-day boxing competition between Jewish sports clubs.
   Warsaw. Appeal to Jewish women to vote for slate #20, the ballot represented by Chana Blanksztejn.
   Warsaw. Appeal to tenants to vote for slate #20.
   Warsaw. Appeal to vote for Folkists' slate #20.
   Warsaw. Appeal to vote for Nojach Prylucki and ballot #20.
   Warsaw. "Brothers Karamazov" by F. Dostoyevski, performed by The Warsaw Jewish Art Theater (WIKT), March 11th, 1927. 70,2 x 50 cm.
   Warsaw. Everyone is Voting for Number 15.
   Warsaw. Lecture on: "The Tragedy of the Modern Woman."

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