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RG 8: Esther-Rachel Kaminska Theater Museum. Collection.
Materials from the Jewish theater museum established by YIVO in Vilna: playscripts, playbills, posters, and clippings, with a special focus on Yiddish theater in Poland
RG 10: Vilna Jewish Community Council. Records.
Records of the administration of the Jewish community in Vilna from 1800 to 1940
RG 28: Poland (Vilna Archives) Collection.
Leaflets, posters, and other documents related to political organizations, elections, banks, trade unions, cultural activities, religious matters, and sports, from over 200 Jewish communities
Antisemitic cartoons (rg28_warszawa_99.1)
Antisemitic leaflet (rg28_warszawa_99.2)
RG 28P: Poland (Vilna Archives) Collection. Posters.
Posters advertising political organizations, elections, banks, trade unions, cultural activities, religious matters, and sports, from over 200 Jewish communities
RG 29: Vilna. Collection.
Records of Jewish organizations and institutions; official government, municipal, and legal documents; memoirs of the German occupation, and other documents chronicling the life of the Jewish community in Vilna
RG 87: Dubnow, Simon (1860-1941). Papers.
Rare historical documents and research materials from the collection of the great historian Simon Dubnow (1860-1941), seminal scholar of Jewish history in Eastern Europe
RG 116 POLAND 1: Territorial Collection. Poland 1. (Pre WWII)
Printed materials, posters, correspondence, and fragmentary personal papers and records of institutions related to Polish Jewish life before WWII
"Blacklist No. 1" (RG 116.Poland1.6.32)
"Poland be warned" (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.1)
"Tempting them with slogans" (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.2)
Antisemitic election leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.11.7)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.11.2.1a)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.11.2.2)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.11.2.2a)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.3)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.3a)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.4)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.5)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.6)
Antisemitic leaflet (RG 116.Poland1.2.17.7)
RG 120: Territorial Photographic Collection. Poland.
Thousands of photographs of Jewish life in Poland before WWII
RG 223: Sutzkever, Abraham -Kaczerginski, Szmerke. Collection.  Part II. Historical and Literary Manuscripts.
Historical and literary manuscripts belonging to YIVO that were rescued and hidden from the Nazis, including manuscripts by S. An-Ski, Theodor Herzl, Mendele Moykher Sforim, and Sholem Aleichem
RG 347.1.29: American Jewish Committee. Subgroup:  Executive Offices.  Morris Waldman Files. Records.
Documents of an official of the AJC, including correspondence, reports, studies, statements, minutes of meetings, memoranda, speeches, and other papers related to Jewish affairs in Poland.
RG 348: Wolf, Lucien (1857-1930) and  Mowshowitch, David (1887-1957). Papers.
Papers of an Anglo-Jewish diplomat who was a delegate to the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and who was involved in the drafting of the minorities treaties
RG 448: Cohen, Israel (1879-1961). Papers.
Papers of the Jewish writer and journalist, including reports on the pogroms of 1918-1919 in Ukraine
RG 679: Segal, Simon (ca. 1900-ca. 1972). Papers.
Correspondence, manuscripts, and other materials related to scholarly work on the history of Poland in the pre-WWII period and the history of the Jews in Poland in the 1930s

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