Bylaws of Centos

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Bylaws of Centos
By-laws of Centos, an organization that provided care for Jewish children and orphans. The statutes state that the organization operates  "within the former Russian Partition of the Polish State," and outlines as its mission: "(a) founding and running homes for Jewish orphans; (b) organizing institutions such as: nursing courses, schools for  'defective' children, summer camps, sanatoriums; medical dispensaries,  food warehouses,  workshops for tailoring,  shoemaking, sewing and tailoring [...]; (c) organizing educational courses and lectures, publication of books, brochures and pamphlets in Polish and Yiddish on child care, education and similar topics; (d) subsidizing the care of Jewish children in hospitals, dispensaries, santoriums, ambulatories and pharmacies, inexpensive quarters, disinfection stations, roentgen stations, baths and laundries, cheap kitchens and in general institutions  that help raise the level of wellbeing of orphans and poor Jewish children."

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